30 settembre 2011

DressingRoom Corner #5

Today, I want to show you a selection of dress by H&M: the one in black and white is absolute my favorite.
What is your favorite dress?

29 settembre 2011

Colosseo Quadrato

 I love this place! I went out for a walk and I chose a comfortable look: blazer, shorts and a pair of flat. The top is the one that I bought from Guess at the VFNO, do you rememberI talked about it in this post :)
What do you think about my outfit?

27 settembre 2011

A nice place: MO'

Ciao ragazzi!
Come vi ho detto nel post di ieri, ecco il locale dove abbiamo mangiato io ed F. dopo una mattinata di chiacchiere e shopping. Mi piace tantissimo lo stile: sembra l'incrocio tra un caffè americano e una libreria. E' curato nei minimi dettagli, ha collegamento wifi gratuito, cuffie per sentire la musica, tante varietà di cibo e di dolci (anche le cupcake americane !!). Il posto si chiamo Mò (in dialetto romano significa "adesso") e si trova all'interno del centro commerciale Porta di Roma. Spero vi piaccia : )

26 settembre 2011

Ordinary Life

Here I am with F. for our usual shopping trip and, then, a lunch in a really original place that I'll show you tomorrow in another post. Here are some shots and my outfit : )

25 settembre 2011

Two Outfits

Today, I decided to post my outftit and the outfit of my friend Sara. A couple of days ago, we went to take a drink from Double Zero, cute place on the Via Ostiense in Rome. We eat well and a lot a lot and the drink are great! I hope you like the idea of two outfits : D

24 settembre 2011

DressingRoom Corner #4

Pull - H&M 9.95 Euros

Fourth appointment with the angle of the tips : )
F. made ​​a model! Which garment
you like most?

23 settembre 2011

The Season of the Blazer

Finally came the season of the blazer and I am very happy! I could not wait to wear my jackets. I think I will buy a lot of new this winter, like the one I carry in this post. I love the color and the length.
How about the pairing?

22 settembre 2011

VFNO - Second Part

Here are the latest photos of the VNFO:  a walk along Via Frattina and Via Condotti, a glass of champagne and some shots to the new collection by Valentino.

21 settembre 2011

VFNO - First Part

As I said yesterday, here are the pictures of VFNO in Rome. We begin with an aperitif at Pucci store ​​with Campari Orange Passion.
Tomorrow the second part of the photos!

20 settembre 2011

Look for the VFNO of Rome

This is the outfit that I choose for the Vogue Fashion's Night Out at Rome: a leather skirt, a colorful top and a simple pair of flats. Tomorrow and wednesday I'll show you the photos of the evening!

19 settembre 2011

Bubble Stone Design

Ciao ragazze,
volevo farvi vedere il paio di orecchini scelti da Federica (la vincitrice del giveaway della scorsa settimana) che, fatalità, è lo stesso paio che hpo scelto per me! :D

17 settembre 2011

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Hello girls!
A quick post to let you see what I bought at the ELF site.
If you still do not know, this is a site of cosmetics at very low cost and, moreover, is very often a 50% discount.


16 settembre 2011

DressingRoom Corner #3

Here I am with the third appointment with the column of the advices:)
A new outfit total H & M:   a black dress that with a pair of boots with wooden heel becomes casual and easy, and with
suede boots it becomes elegant and delicate .
What do you think about it?

15 settembre 2011

Be '80s

As I promised yesterday, here is an outfit with a pair of new purchases made two days ago. This dress was a deal: I found it in the remnants of the summer sale at a bargain price! All this combined with my new brown flats and a vintage handbag of my grandmother (you have already seen in this post).
What do you think about it?

14 settembre 2011

New in!!

Girls you absolutely must forgive me for the quality of the photos! Unfortunately, these days I have a thousand things to do and I do not have a moment to do anything! But I want to show the new entries in my closet! I promise I'll show them to you better in the next outfit.
What do you think about it?

13 settembre 2011

Zara Fall/Winter

I love the collection Zara Fall / Winter! I would buy the entier store! Here is a selection of lookbook that I personally love. They manage to mix the masculine and feminine style to perfection, making the woman even more sexy.

12 settembre 2011

Look da lavoro

A quick post to let you see what I have chosen to wear for a day's work: a shirt and shorts. I love my new sneakers All Star!

11 settembre 2011


Here I am again with some pictures of the outfits of the other fashion bloggers who I liked more!
Which do you prefer?

10 settembre 2011


This weekend, I am close to Pescara for work with Steeve. Here are some shots of yesterday afternoon, during a walk ...But, I was looking for a pharmacy that seemed to be around the corner (so it seemed from the information) and, instead, we walked about 3 km! After a day of work.. is what we want.. : D

9 settembre 2011

DressingRoom Corner #2

Here I am with a new appointmentwith the column of the advices : )
For this post I chose an outfit tried a couple of weeks ago from H & M: I love it! I found myself very well in the shoes of a rocker: D
What do you think about it?

8 settembre 2011

New life

Every time I throw something in the bottom, because I don't like it anymore. Then I pick out and I give it a new life. It's what happened to me with the t-shirt and the boots that you see in this outfit.  
What do you think about it? Do you like it?

7 settembre 2011

Rock your style

Taking advantage of respite from the heat, I decided to wear my new and cool biker boots! I decided to mix the easy style of the sweater with the rock of the boots.
Do you think I did well?

6 settembre 2011

Il Fontanone

The Gianicolo fountain  is one of the many beautiful places of Rome. I wanted to shoot there the simple photos of my outfit of few day's ago: a simple tee and a blue pants with comfortable flats.

4 settembre 2011

New hairstyle and new in

This Sunday I leave you with my new pair of biker boots (Amazing  * _ *) and with my new hairstyle!

What do you think about it? I want your opinions : D

3 settembre 2011

Urban Outfit

Yesterday, Steeve and I went near the Olympic stadium and WE decided to take some photos. As I said in this post, I bought these pants from H & M and I combined it with a ocher top. A comfortable and cool look : )

2 settembre 2011

The Garden

Yesterday, I spent a beautiful morning with my friend F. of Once Upon a Time. After study, we have dedicated to our long chats about fashion, blogs, shops and about the new clothing for the next winter. There is no better way to spend your time : )
Here are some photos that she took to me in the garden behind her house. I must say that the light is perfect for photos!

1 settembre 2011

Dressingroom Corner #1

Here I am with a new book for you! : )
Each week, I decided to post the clothing that I found most interesting turning around shops. Sometimes I'll show you the clothing on me, as I decided to do today, while at other times will select the leaders that I liked more. Of course, all with relative price and store where you can find them!
I hope you like the idea : )