31 ottobre 2011

Look of the day - Violet coat

I loved this coat from the first time I saw it, a couple of years ago, and Steeve gave me for Christmas! I've match it with a violet clutch and a butterfly ring, all Miss Sixty, as the coat!
What do you think about it? Do you like the coat?

30 ottobre 2011

News In My Closet

As I said yestarday on Facebook and Twitter, Waiting for my birthday (11th of november: D), I made ​​some purchases: a sweater from Zara, for which it was love at first sight, and adark green shirt (sorry, but the picture is not great!).
I'll show you put on in few days : )
What do you think about it?

29 ottobre 2011

Look of the day - Leopard Shirt

 What do you think about this shirt leopard? I've tried to make it easyer wearing it whit something black. The new jeans are so comfortable that I do not want to take them off it, but I'll do it! : D

28 ottobre 2011

Look of the day - The beige coat

Here are some pieces of my wardrobe that you had not even seen: my beige coat and the painting bag  by Francesco Biasia. However, you have seen the shoes in this summer post a few months ago.
What do you think about it? Do you like it?

27 ottobre 2011

New stretch jeans

I love my new stretch jeans: a cross between leggings and jeans. I wore my new gold ring taken from Asos.it , what do you think about it?

26 ottobre 2011

The sun goes down

Yesterday, I spent a relaxing day with Steeve: quiet, I have not bought anything from H & M, although I was tempted! : D
Simple and convenient outfit, do you like it?

25 ottobre 2011

The Proof

Rummaging in various winter suitcases , I found a pleated skirt and a sweater that my mom does not put more and I thought: why not combine them? And this is the result.  
What do you think about it?

24 ottobre 2011


And I'm thinking that I took this cape on the summer sale for only 7 euros! Outfits totally based on shades of brown.
What do you think about this combination?

23 ottobre 2011


These days, I open the closet, but I can not find anything that satisfies me. Reflection, perhaps, of my desire to change my life of every day.
Oh well .. I leave you to the new outfit!

22 ottobre 2011

The Flood

Thursday, in Rome was a terrible day: streets and houses completely flooded, the city blocked, trains and metro unusable. I took advantage of this respite from the rain to take these pictures of my outfits: a cream-colored romantic dressa jacket jeans and biker boots.
What do you think about it?

21 ottobre 2011

Black And Blue

Wednesday, I had a dinner with Steeve and I chose a twelve heels and a nice blue dress. Some people say that blue and black are not well matched together, but I really like it! What do you think it? On the backdrop of the pictures, my little car : )

19 ottobre 2011

Parco delle Sabine

Ready for a walk under this autumn sun. Pimkie leather jacket, a  Zara sweater bought about 3 years ago and my new bag.
What do you think about it?

17 ottobre 2011


Yesterday, we reached some friends in Spoleto for a birthday : finally the sun! I wore for the first time my robe bought a couple of months ago by H & M and black boots.

What do you think about it?

16 ottobre 2011


Hi guys!
Here in Umbria there are 12 degrees and a strong wind : (
Here are some pictures for you about the eurochocolate of Perugia: for my outfit I choose a dress with hearts and my comfortable
OVS boots. Lots of chocolate, of all types and all forms.

15 ottobre 2011

Weekend a Todi

Hello guys!
Here are the first shots from Todi, where Steeve and I will spend this weekend.
It's not easy moving from 24 degrees of Rome to 12 degrees in Todi! I was not prepared for this cold (as you can see from one picture hihihihih).

What do you think about this outfit? And most importantly, what about the new bag (a surprise from Steeve just arrived in Todi : D)?

14 ottobre 2011

Total Grey

For a dinner with my friends, I choose a simple and comfortable look. I really like the combination of light pink with grey. Thanks to Giorgia for the photos and, above all, for her patience : D

13 ottobre 2011

It's A Good Day

Here is my outfit for a drink with a friend: my oversize blazer (which you have already seen in this post) and my faithful biker boots : )
Do you like it?

12 ottobre 2011

DressingRoom Corner #6

Gogo Philips Necklace - from 8.97 Euros to 5.13 Euros

Hello guys!
Here I am again with some tips for you. Today, I show you some of the articles selected by Asos.it discounted up to 50%: I made ​​a selection for you, hope you like it!
Clicking on the name of the article, you will be directly addressed on Asos page where you can buy this product!

11 ottobre 2011

On The Roof Of The World

Here are some photos taken yesterday on the terrace of Steeve's house: there was a wonderful light in some hidden corners : ) Outfit with autumnal colours for the first cold day.
What do you think about it?

10 ottobre 2011

Giveaway Time: Vinci un bracciale BtBaw Jewels

Ciao ragazze!
Eccomi qui con una nuova sorpresa per voi : )
Quando la creatrice dei gioielli Btbaw Jewels mi ha chiesto una collaborazione con il mio blog per un giveaway, ne sono rimasta contentissima. Le sue creazioni sono veramente belle e mi sono innamorata in particolare di questo bracciale.
Se anche voi la pensate come me, non esitate a partecipare al giveaway per avere la possibilità di vincerlo!

9 ottobre 2011

Bright and Shine

Finally, the autumn is arrive. I can't wait to wear a maxi pull and a wool scarf aournd my neck!
For my my Saturay, I wear one of my favourite swater bought some mounth ago from Bershka and my lovely biker boots. On the lips, a touch of brown lipstick : )
What do you think about it?

8 ottobre 2011

7 ottobre 2011

My Best Of


After seeing some pictures of the Chanel fashion show, I thought to do a post with some clothes that I liked more from the S/S 2012 collection.
How about the collection that I selected? What do you prefer?

6 ottobre 2011

Casual Look

Casual look, suitable for every day: jacket, shirt and jeans. I prefer simplicity in my life as well as in the way I dress : )
I hope you like it.

5 ottobre 2011


I love the aperitf time with my ​​friends: a moment of relaxation, conversation and laughter. I wore my new H & M blazer with the green top of Mango, that you've seen here and here.
Do you like it?

4 ottobre 2011


Autumn has not arrived yet and I decided to take the opportunity to put my new H&M shoes, that you have already seen in this post. All this combined with a overside shirt and a simple jeans : )
What do you think about it?

3 ottobre 2011


I love the casual look with a touch that makes them special. A touch of dark lipstick on my lips and a ankle boots and.. go!
What do you think about it?

2 ottobre 2011

What a bad day!

After taking the wrong train at the station and arriving at the airport (note: I returned from university and I didn't have a ticket for the aeroplane with me!), I had 30 seconds to shots these photos. Unfortunately, the sun was already set.. :(

1 ottobre 2011

New In

Here are some of my recent purchases and, last but not least, an early birthday present! I loved the Miss Sixty jacket immediately and, after trying it, it was just impossible not to want it in my closet! (I'll show you put on, because the picture does not do). Steeve felt in front of my lovely eyes :
Not happy, he also bought me the shoes of Zara and H & M! There are no words : D