30 novembre 2011

Walking in the garden

Come potrete notare, sono una persona molto freddolosa, Quindi, ecco comparire sciarponi e cappotti imbottiti non appena si abbassano le temperature! Anche se a Roma continuano ad esserci almeno 15/16 gradi :D
Questo è l'outfit che ho scelto per passare un pomeriggio di studio con una mia amica: ho indossato per la prima volta il mio nuovo cappotto Miss Sixty di cui adoro tutto, soprattutto le linee che si adattano benissimo a quello che indossi.
Che ne pensate?

29 novembre 2011

Welcome to the stars

 Ciao ragazzi!
Ecco quello che ho indossato domenica pomeriggio: la mia gonnellina "stellare" e un caldo pull, tutto di Pimkie.
Che ne pensate dell'abbinamento? Vi piace?

28 novembre 2011

Miss Precious - Fashion Show

Come promesso, ecco a voi le foto della sfilata di sabato!
Le 20 ragazze in concorso hanno sfilato con gli abiti creati da quattro stilisti e noi giurati abbiamo decretato la vincitrice. Devo dire che alcuni degli abiti erano veramente splendidi, ne trovate qualcuno tra i miei preferiti qui sotto.
Spero le foto vi piacciano, a domani con con un nuovo outfit!

26 novembre 2011

New Purchases

Hi guys!
Today I'll show you my recent purchases from Zara and H&M: the black coat that I wore in yesterday's post is one of them; then a beige fur and a skirt with autumn colour. At H&M, however, I took a very simple black dress.
What do you think about it? Which is your favourite?

PS. Tomorrow, there will be the Miss Precious event (I spoke of it in this post): follow the live updates on my Facebook and Twitter profile!

25 novembre 2011

Pois Passion

Hi guys!
Happy Friday! Tomorrow, I attend to the event that I mentioned in this post and I must say I'm really happy : )
 For today's outfit I'm wearing my new Zara coat Zara, bought a couple of days ago with other things that you'll see in tomorrow's post!
In the end you can find my photos in the magazine A : )

24 novembre 2011

Be Free

Hi guys!
With the 17 degrees of Rome you can still go out with a leather jacket. So, I fished out from my closet this purple leather jacket that I have always loved!
What do you think about it? Do you like the combination?

23 novembre 2011

Make-Up Day #3

Ciao ragazze,
dopo molto tempo, eccomi qui con il terzo appuntamento con Make-up day. Mi è stato chiesto da una ragazza di fare un trucco con la trusse di Sephora che ho ricevuto al mio compleanno (l'avete vista in questo post). Spero vi piaccia!

22 novembre 2011

In Her Shoes

Hi guys! 
Yesterday, I decided to create a new outfit with the pull that you saw in yesterday's post here and with my new laced boots : )
What do you think about it? Do you like it?

19 novembre 2011

News In My Closet

Hi guys!!
Here are some gift that I recived for my birthday and some new purchases : )
What do you think about it?

18 novembre 2011

My B-Day Party

Hi guys! Happy Friday : )
I leave you with some photos of my birthday: I love to celebrate it at home with my friends!

17 novembre 2011

I Love My Bag

Hi guys,
 here is my outfit with my new Zara bag: I love it soooo much!! I wore my new sweater of Pimkie that I love and a beautiful vintage necklace: two wonderful gift for my b-day! And then .. what do you think of my new haircut?
Soon the photos of my party and some wonderful gifts!

16 novembre 2011

Some New In

As I promised on my Facebook and Twitter profile, here are the pictures of the gifts that made me Steeve and a couple of new purchases!
The gifts of Steeve are: a Zara bag that I wanted for many time, the custom calendar of my blog (I love it!), a pillow with a picture of us together, a three-day weekend at a spa with massages and other things. Also, I had already given in advance the leather jacket and
bag of Miss Sixty  that you've seen in this and this post.
Finally, a skirt and a pair of lace.
What is your favorite piece?

15 novembre 2011

Welcome autumn!

And so the cold was arrive in Rome! Here's my first outfit with the my hot Emu and a nice wool hat : ) 
The look was based on shades of brown.
Steeve gave me beautiful things for my b-day! In the next days, I'll show you everything, including my new purchases!

8 novembre 2011

Country Chic

Hi guys!
Because of the work and bad weather, the past few days I could not take photos of outfits. Yesterday, at last, with my friend Gioia I was able to take some pictures : )
This outfit was born by chance, opening the
closet of my dad to take a shower towel: I saw this shirt and I immediately thought to create my look from it!
I hope you like it : )

7 novembre 2011

6 novembre 2011

Wish List

Hi guys,
my birthday is approaching (this Friday!) and that means .. GIFTS! I decided that this year I'll give to me somethings and so..I'll show you my wish list!
Two of these accessories will come in my closet:
in your opinion, which of these?

5 novembre 2011

Gaudì: The Event

Hello guys,
here are the photos of the event organized by Gaudi in collaboration with the magazine A. It was very fun (and embarrassing ehehhe) pose in front of the camera in a real photo shoot! I must say I was very positively impressed by the new collection A
/I of Gaudi: the brand has been completely renovated! It combines urban and chic style, creating the right mix. I'm literally in love with the beige suede boots and with the jeans that they made me wear for the shoot!
What do you think aboiut it? I want absolutely your opinions!

I take advantage to thank you for all the comments you leave each day on my blog and for all the good things you say to me!! :)

4 novembre 2011

My outfit for Gaudì

Hi guys,
As I said these days here and here and on my Facebook  and Twitter
profile, yesterday I attended to the event in collaboration with Gaudi and the magazine A. Here is the outfit that I chose for the occasion: big wool pull, grey blazer, stretch jeans and biker boots. Tomorrow, I will show you the photos of the event, so ... Stay tuned! :)

3 novembre 2011

Look of the day - University

Guys, I ask you to forgive me for the very poor quality of these photos! Yesterday, I had a thousand things to do and when I returned home the sun had set: this is the result! I wanted to show my simple outfit for the university: I have to take the train to come and go back, so I always choose a convenient and simple outfit.

2 novembre 2011


Sea, sun and relaxation: here is my yesterday's outfit for a day at the sea with Steeve. With this spring weather is a pleasure to spend some time on the beach : )
And what have you done yesterday?

1 novembre 2011